Security Patrols

HCMUD 217 has contracted with the Harris County Sheriff's Office to provide additional patrols - effective August 2017 - to bring additional peace of mind and security to residents and facilities in the District.

Every patrol officer is a fully-sworn peace officer for law enforcement purposes.

Patrol officers wil be operating marked and unmarked vehicles to prevent criminals from learning their schedule or anticipating their presence.

So, when you see the patrols pass by, give them a wave and a "thank you" for their hard work keeping the neighborhood safe!

Security Patrol Email

The security officers monitor the below email address regularly.
When you see something suspicious or need assistance, please contact them via that address.

HCSO Patrol

Harris County Sheriff's Office

Dial 9-1-1

Harris County Sheriff's Office

For non-emergencies, to report suspicious activity, or for assistance