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Smart Meters

Harris County MUD 217 has recently approved an initiative to convert the District to smart meters, partnering with Water Wastewater Management Services and Accurate Meter & Supply to bring these devices to the district. Smart meters and related technologies are a great tool for water conservation, and greatly improve our water system’s operational efficiency.

Residents do not need to take any action! The District’s Operator will notify residents and install the new smart meters for all homes. The District’s goal is to reduce water loss due to leaks, improve visibility of water usage trends, and accelerate reporting and handling of problems.

Benefits to Resident

  • Website & Mobile apps to view your usage and more
  • Proactive water conservation
  • Access to your water usage data (daily, weekly or monthly)
  • Track and trend water usage
  • Set up warnings/alerts (high usage, continuous usage or leaks)

Benefits to the District

  • Reduce operational costs by eliminating the need to manually read meters and reduce billing errors
  • Provide greater accuracy
  • Provide better services to customers
  • Quicker response to inquiries
  • Proactive approach to leaks & outages
  • Usage history Check the District’s
  • Access & Transparency