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September Board Meeting

The HCMUD 217 Board of Directors will be having a Board Meeting. 

 Tuesday, September 28, 2021 at 7:00PM.

Where:  HCMUD 217 Administration Building, 12248 T.C. Jester Blvd, Houston, Texas 77067

The Board will conduct an in-person meeting at its physical meeting location. As an accommodation during the current levels of transmission during this COVID-19 virus epidemic emergency, the Board is making available a telephone and/or video option for members of the public to listen to the meeting and to address the Board.

To Participate by Telephone:
+1 218-321-0370
PIN: ‪242 024 755‬‬#

To Participate by Videoconference:

Meetings are open to the public. Residents are welcome to participate and hear updates about the District. 

The Meeting Agenda and written materials can be found on the Public Documents page of the website. 

HCMUD 217 Meetings are held every 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm.

Tropical Storm Nicholas – Heavy Rain Likely

Weather Alert – September 13-15, 2021 

Tropical Storm Nicholas has formed and is threatening the Greater Houston region.  Please prepare for potential tropical storm force winds and heavy rain. Some areas may see as much as 10-20″ of rain.


  1. Check your yard for loose objects that could become projectiles in heavy winds.
  2. Clear gutters.
  3. Watch for street flooding.  DO NOT drive into standing water.
  4. Collect flashlights and other supplies, in case of power outages.


Stay Informed 

NOAA’s National Hurricane Center and Central Pacific Hurricane Center are your official sources for hurricane forecasts and the issuance of hurricane watches and warnings.  You may also wish to check these local resources for additional information:

And don’t forget to subscribe to HCMUD217’s Emergency Alerts!

Get Prepared. Stay Informed. Stay Safe!

Heritage Park Closure

Harris County MUD 217 is excited to announce the Heritage Village Park improvement project. The Board decided to undertake this project to add additional security and protection for park visitors, as well as improving access and enhancing the beauty of our community. This project is expected to begin on August 30, 2021, and will continue through February 2022.

During construction, the park will remain closed. Please do not access the park during this time and observe all posted signs for your safety.

Monthly construction updates will be provided on the District’s website and will also be highlighted in the upcoming Fall 2021 newsletter.

Park improvements will include:

  • Removal of the existing chain link fence around the perimeter of the Park
  • Installation of a precast concrete fence around the perimeter of the Park
  • Removal of some trees that interfere with the fence line
  • Installation of new ramps and walkways to improve access

If you have any questions about this project or other MUD services, please contact us and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

Thank you for your patience as we work to improve our community!

DO NOT block our neighborhood streets!

HCMUD 217 has recently seen an increase in parked cars on our streets. This prevents WCA’s trucks from passing down the streets to collect trash. In addition, the parked cars may block emergency vehicles such as fire trucks and ambulances from reaching your home in an emergency. Please DO NOT block our neighborhood streets!

If you see cars blocking the road, contact Sgt. Jeff McGowen, at

Trash collection is Monday and Thursday. For more information visit:
Garbage Collection.

Hurricane Season Prep 2021

Even though we just came through a historic freeze, hurricane season is now upon us. Gulf coast residents are no strangers to devastating hurricanes and we know how to prepare. 

1. Make a Plan

Create a written evacuation plan complete with a list of important phone numbers and at least two evacuation routes in case you must leave. make sure you keep your gas tanks FULL in case you get stuck in heavy traffic.

2. Gather Disaster Supplies

Have a disaster kit ready. A good rule of thumb is to have enough non-perishable food, water, medicine, and masks to last each person in your family at least a week. Here again, it is vital to keep your vehicles full of gas, even if you can no longer evacuate. 

3. Review Your Documents

Check your insurance policy and renew your flood insurance. Most flood insurance policies take at least 30 days to become effective. Don’t get caught without the coverage you need!

4. Stay Informed 

NOAA’s National Hurricane Center and Central Pacific Hurricane Center are your official sources for hurricane forecasts and the issuance of hurricane watches and warnings.  You may also wish to check these local resources for additional information:

And don’t forget to subscribe to HCMUD 217’s  Emergency Alerts!

Get Prepared. Stay Informed. Stay Safe!

Welcome to our New and Improved Website!

HCMUD 217 is pleased to announce the launch of its redesigned website. The site includes new content and features, including:

Photo Gallery – View images from the latest HCMUD 217 events.

Who to Ask – An easy way to figure out who to ask about common questions and concerns within the HCMUD 217 community and beyond.

Your Community – Quick access to information for HCMUD 217 residents, including District Events, Newsletters, Security and more.

Security Corner – Learn more about HCMUD 217’s additional security patrol program.

Smart Meters

Latest News – The new Latest News section displays the most recent news post as well as quick access to previous posts to help HCMUD 217 residents stay informed.

Choose Your Interest – Quick links to frequently viewed pages and important information right on the Home page.

English/Spanish versions – Convert from English to Spanish with one click

Spring 2021 District Newsletter

Your Board of Directors, for Harris County MUD 217, is pleased to announce the Spring 2021 newsletter is now available ONLINE! The newsletter contains lots of information on District Events, our New Smart Meters, Director Election Information, Who To Ask if you have questions and so much MORE!

We encourage our residents to check it out! 

Start reading the newsletter now by clicking the image below!

Residents can also visit the Newsletter page to access the newsletter.